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In this buying guide, You will learn about the importance of VPN for Xbox One and I have listed the Best VPN for your Xbox One. I will also help in choosing the best one among them and have given the VPN for Xbox One setup guides in steps. 

This is an unbiased article and all the VPNs listed here are personally used and tested by me. The VPNs listed are all reliable and works well with Xbox One.


VPNs are becoming an essential tool for laptops, computers, smartphones, and tablets. They not only allow safe access to the internet but also mask your IP address and give access to Geo-restricted web streaming content.

Though Xbox One does not have inbuilt VPN apps, you can still find ways to install the best VPN on your Xbox One.

Why Do You Need a Best VPN For Xbox One?

Usually, while you play games in your Xbox console, you might have experienced the lagging problem. But when you use the best VPN for Xbox One you can simply avoid this problem and there is a reduction in lag when you are gaming online.

Beyond the improvements in your online gaming, VPN gives the ability to access the games which are geo-restricted. This is done by masking your IP address and it makes you pretend to be from a different country where the gaming is legal.

If you are a gamer whose main concern is about privacy then using a VPN for Xbox is the best thing because it can enhance your privacy.

Likewise, VPN users can enjoy a lot of benefits. Now Let's take a look at the other benefits of using the VPN for Xbox one.

Benefits Of Using A Best VPN For Xbox One:

Fast connection speed:

The more number of VPN servers, the more your connection speed will be fast while you are online. So there will be a reduction in lagging problem while you play games online in Xbox One.

Overcome bandwidth throttling:

When you use a VPN you can simply overcome the bandwidth throttling. So your ISP's cannot limit your speed while browsing the internet and you can experience smooth browsing and streaming on Xbox one.

Buy games at a cheap price:

Since the prices of the Xbox games vary from one country to another. By using the VPN for Xbox One, you can easily change your IP to the country where the games are available at a cheap rate and make a good purchase.

Prevents your Xbox from DDoS attacks

Xbox consoles are not an exception from DDoS attacks so it is important to protect it. So here comes the VPN into rescue, it can give you full security from DDoS attacks, Hackers and any other third party who is trying to snoop your system. 

5 Best VPN For Xbox One

Before you choose your ideal VPN for Xbox One you need to look out whether your ideal VPN has some of the features given below:

  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Large server network.
  • Fast speed connections.
  • Gaming optimized servers.
  • Supports multiple simultaneous connections.

The VPNs which I have listed down have all the features mentioned above and are reliable.

1. ExpressVPN

best vpn for Xbox One


Servers: 3000+


Money-back guarantee: 30 days

No of devices supported : 


Works With:

Netflix, BBC IPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, HBO & More


  • Strong encryption
  • 24/7 live chart
  • Super fast connection


  • Expensive than other VPNs.

This is one of the best VPN for Xbox One. Since it has more than 3000 servers in 94 countries. It gives you fast and stable connections hence you will have the best gaming experience. This VPN can also work on the internet router level but it strictly follows no-log policy and enhances your privacy.

Having many gaming optimized servers with best DDos protection, the gamers will have not only amazing gaming experience but also have excellent security while using Xbox One. This VPN can get all the internet-enabled devices covered in one install and it can support 5 simultaneous connections.

Are you having any issues regarding the setup or struck with any technical errors? Then you can easily solve them with their 24/7 customer support where the techies are available for live chat support at their Official ExpressVPN Website.

This VPN is expensive but it offers the best features and excellent services.

2. CyberGhost

best vpn for Xbox One


Servers: 6400+


Money-back guarantee: 45 days

No of devices supported


Works With:

Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+


  • Boosts connection speed
  • Excellent security features.
  • Affordable price


  • Limited payment options


If you are a gamer who doesn't prefer to buy an expensive VPN like the ExpressVPN, then you can just opt for CyberGhost, which works well with the Xbox One. The CyberGhost VPN does not compromise its features and quality of service for its affordability.

With more than 6400 servers in 89+ countries, this VPN for Xbox One will boost your connection speeds and it greatly helps in preventing bandwidth throttling.

It offers gamers with best gaming-optimized servers which can improve your gaming experience and it can also connect up to 7 devices simultaneously.

It can easily unblock web streaming content, which is Geo-restricted and it is compatible and works well with Windows, Android, iOS, etc. It uses a kill switch and no-log policy which are the solid privacy features of this VPN.

At an affordable price, this CyberGhost VPN is an all-rounder and it is free from complicated setups. You can also play region locked games by changing your IP using this VPN.

3. NordVPN

Servers: 5700+


Money-back guarantee: 30 days

No of devices supported


Works With:

Netflix, BBC IPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime


  • Unblocks content easily.
  • Automatic Kill Switch.
  • DNS leak protection.
  • Strict No logs policy


  • ​Torrenting only supported on few servers.

NordVPN can be your ideal VPN for Xbox One if you are looking for top-notch security and privacy. With its dedicated IP addresses, it enables you to enjoy the Geo-restricted web streaming content by masking your location.

It has impressive 5700+ servers in 58+ countries and it is also one of the fastest VPN in the list. It is also compatible with macOS, iOS, Android, Chrome and firefox.

Having 100's of low latency servers across the globe this VPN helps you to enjoy an amazing gaming experience. The security features of this VPN include DNS leak protection, kill switch, a strict no-log policy and also protects from DDoS attacks.

It supports P2P connections and it is capable of unblocking web streaming content like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime with ease irrespective of your Geo locations.

4. IPVanish

best vpn for Xbox One


Servers: 1400+


Money-back guarantee: 7 days

No of devices supported


Works With:

Vudu, ESPN, DAZN, HBO Go, Netflix, Sling TV


  • Strong security
  • Supports torrenting.
  • Provides Best VPN application for Xbox One
  • DNS leak protection.


  • Doesn't unblock BBC iPlayer or Disney+
  • ​​Limited Free Trial.

If you prefer a VPN for Xbox One which has plenty of choices both in terms of servers and locations, then the ideal VPN for you is IPVanish. This VPN provides you with quality connections and gives you amazing gaming experience. 

The main advantage of using this IPVanish is that its VPN applications can automatically connect to the low latency and gaming optimized servers. It allows a whopping 10 simultaneous connections so if you have a large family then this VPN can be very useful for you.

The IPVanish is known for its fastest VPN in the world which has 1400+ servers in 75+ countries and in particular, it has more servers in the US than other countries.

You can enjoy a lot of web streaming content irrespective of your Geo-location with both security and much privacy. So no one can monitor what you do online or with your Xbox One. So I prefer you this is one of the Best VPN for Xbox One.

5. SurfShark

best vpn for Xbox One


Servers: 10​00+


Money-back guarantee: 30 days

No of devices supportedUnlimited


Works With:

Netflix, BBC IPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime


  • Gives secure and anonymous browsing
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Strict no logging policy.


  • Limited P2P Servers with Poor Speeds                                                                                                                               

When compared to the other VPNs in this list the Surfshark is a newcomer in the VPN market. But despite being a newcomer this VPN stands out with its amazing features. It works well with Xbox One and is P2P compatible. 

Since Surfshark has 1000+ servers in more than 61 countries it allows you to enjoy the fast connection with its unlimited bandwidth. It has an inbuilt ad-blocker so it prevents users from accessing this VPN service without any annoying ads.

When talking about security, this newcomer offers the best. Surfshark is best known for using industry-standard encryption technologies. By using the 256-bit AES encryption and following no-log policy it enhances both your privacy and security to a greater extent.

Do you still doubt this best VPN for Xbox? Then try using it for 30 days and if it does not do any justice to your expectations, then you can get your money refunded.

VPN for Xbox One setup guide

There are three methods available to setup the VPN on your Xbox One.

1) Share your VPN connection with your Xbox through your home router

2) Share your PC's VPN connection with your Xbox

3) Share your MAC's VPN connection with your Xbox

How To Install a VPN on Xbox One

best vpn for Xbox One

Method 1: Share your VPN connection with your Xbox through your home router

To connect your router connection with your Xbox follow the below-given steps.

  • You need to sign up to one of the best VPN for Xbox One which I have listed in this article.
  • Then go to the control panel of your router.
  • Now you need to enter the VPN setup details like Username, password and VPN server address on the WAN tab. 
The VPN setup details will be sent to you when you sign up to the VPN service for Xbox One
  • After entering the details click on the confirm and save the changes option and close the control panel.
  • Now boot up your Xbox One.
  • After booting, turn on your Xbox One and then click on the settings menu.
  • Then select Network on the settings.
  • Click on the Setup wireless network in order to connect to a new network.
  • Now your Xbox One will display the wireless networks detected in your area and will ask "Which one is yours?"
  • Choose your WiFi network from the list and then enter your login details and connect.
  • After connecting, do a test check to ensure that everything works well and you are all set.

Method 2: Share your PC's VPN connection with your Xbox

To connect your PC's VPN connection with your Xbox, follow the below-given steps.

  • Sign up to any one of the best VPN for Xbox One, which I have listed in this article. Then after the signup, install the VPN for Xbox One on your PC or Laptop.
  • Using an ethernet cable, connect your Xbox One with your PC.
  • Once you have connected, open the PC's control panel and go to the "Network and Sharing Center".
  • Click on the Change Adaptor Settings, which is on the left sidebar.
  • Then right-click on your VPN connection, which you have just installed in your PC or Laptop, and click on the "Properties."
  • Now Click on the sharing tab.
  • Tick on the checkbox, "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection" box" and click on the OK button.
  • Then click on the "Home networking connection" dropdown menu and select the home internet connection as "ethernet."
  • Now You need to connect to the VPN on your PC. You can select your desired server location.
  • Now plug one end of the ethernet cable into the network port on your computer.
  • Plug the other end of the network cable to the back of your Xbox console.
  • You need to boot up your Xbox now.
  • On your Xbox One console, you need to make sure that all the network settings are set to automatic.
  • Test the connection, and you are all set to go.

Method 3: Share your Mac's VPN connection with your Xbox

If you already have a VPN installed on your Mac, then jump to step 2.

  • The first step is to install the best VPN for Xbox from the above-mentioned list in the article. If already installed, also no problem.
  • Then connect your Xbox One to your computer using the ethernet cable.
  • After connecting, at the bottom of the home screen, go to the 'System Preferences' and click on the 'Sharing' option.
  • On the Sharing page, click on the 'Internet Sharing' option.
  • Click on the dropdown menu named 'Share Your Connection From' and select 'Ethernet' or 'Wireless' or 'Airport'.
  • Then on the dropdown menu named 'To Computers Using' click the 'Ethernet' from the dropdown list.
  • Tick the box which is titled 'Internet Sharing' to enable internet sharing. The icon will turn to green colour and the status will change to 'ON'.
  • Now you can connect the VPN application to the desired server.
  • On your Xbox One click on the 'LIVE' button so that you will be taken to the menu.
  • Then click on Settings>System Settings>Network Settings>Wired Network.

When your Xbox One detects the internet connection, you are all set to go.

best vpn for Xbox One

FAQs on VPN for Xbox One

1. How do I play games through VPN?

When you have connected your Xbox One to the best VPN either via PC, Mac or router, then every internet connection of your console will be shared automatically through the VPN servers. So if you want to play games, you can simply launch any of your favorite games with the VPN.

2. How to unblock content on Xbox?

By simply installing the best VPN for Xbox One, you can unblock the restricted content. But see to that the VPN you opt for provides quality service, and its features are good enough to unblock any web streaming content and gaming.

3. What Are the Basics Of VPN Encryption?

VPN can protect your data by encrypting it. To put this simply, your data ie. your plain text is converted into ciphertext so it can be read-only by authorized persons. Encryption does not prevent hackers or any third party from viewing your data but it makes your data unreadable.

For encryption your VPN uses protocols like OpenVPN,SSTP,PPTP etc. So no one can monitor your online surfing and your data is also protected.


VPNs help in providing both privacy and security when you are online. It is a wise idea to protect your Xbox from hackers and any third-party snooping your device.

You may have this question in your mind... "When there are a lot of free VPNs available Why should I opt for paid VPNs?" The answer is, the free VPNs can help you in protecting your device. But it lacks important features like unblocking content, reducing lagging in games and the freebies does not assure 100 per cent security. So you should give the best protection to your Xbox One.

I hope that I have made the job easy for you by listing out some of the best VPNs from the market. It's your turn to choose the right VPN for Xbox one.

Which Best VPN for Xbox is your ideal choice? Share your answers in the comment section below.


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