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In this buying guide, You will learn about the importance of VPN for Comcast and I have listed the best VPN for your Comcast. This article will help you in choosing the best VPN among the list given and I have also given the VPN Comcast setup guides in steps.

This is an unbiased article and all the VPNs listed here are personally used and tested by me. The VPNs listed are all reliable and works well with comcast. 


Comcast is popular all over the world and especially in the U.S., They are the world’s biggest broadcasting company. They have reached this spot with so many years of hard work and dedication in order to provide the best services to their users. But, their reputation has made them take some decisions that are not so much in favor of their users.

They have started controlling what users can view and what they cannot by blocking some content. They have also been accused of throttling the network that is really frustrating for their users. There is no fun in watching a movie or a show that buffers a lot or can’t stream in high quality.

There are instances when even if the internet is working fine, Comcast lags. This is the point where Comcast users need something that can solve both these problems.

There is only one weapon to kill both these enemies of streaming a VPN.


VPN is something that everyone needs to use nowadays, even if not for Comcast or other streaming services, then people can use it for security and privacy purposes. There are so many organizations that are just on the edge of their seats to collect your information by tracking your online activities.

This information is sold to enterprises so they can use it for their own benefit which is wrong. Another thing that makes it important is Geo-restrictions, that is really wrong, and no one can restrict entertainment in borders of regions. VPNs are a blessing and that is why I advise you to take as much of it as you can.

This article contains all the information about why do you people need to use a VPN with Comcast and what are its benefits? There is also a special section that contains 4 best VPNs that can be used with Comcast with all their pros and cons. 

I can also understand that there are some people who are not good with technology and hence there is a step by step guide on how you can install and use a VPN with Comcast Xfinity. Following it are some frequently asked questions that will clear the doubts that most people have about using a VPN with Comcast. 

Using a VPN with Comcast is very important and you will understand it at the end of this article.


If one avails the facilities of both the Comcast internet connection as well as Comcast router, serious issues regarding security and privacy may arise. Researchers have identified bugs associated with the Comcast website that is being rigorously used to activate Xfinity routers.

There are plenty of wireless gateway routers available. But if you own the below models of “wireless gateway” router, a serious consideration regarding usage of VPN services is recommended:

  • Wireless Gateway 1 (model numbers TG862G and TC8305C).
  • Xfinity xFi Wireless Gateway (model numbers DPC3939, DPC3941T, and TG1682G).
  • Wireless Gateway 3 (model number TC8717C).
  • xFi Advanced Gateway (model numbers TG3482G and CGM4140COM)

If VPN services are not used along with Comcast, there are chances that the Xfinity website will send the SSID of Comcast users as well as its password all over the internet in plain text format.

This makes it open for hackers to peep into users’ networks. It also gives access to the hackers to go through SSID and password of customers’ Comcast router. 

Using the routers without VPN can be a huge risk as when hackers get the credentials, they can easily read all unencrypted traffic happening on the network. Using a VPN service is the only reliable solution in this scenario.

The encryption abilities of VPN provides optimum privacy to secure the data so that it is not at all accessible by someone who is eavesdropping on the network. 

Apart from security, speed is another major reason why VPN for Comcast is a viable need. Though Xfinity provides super-fast connections, the need for a VPN still persists.

When the device is connected to a public WiFi, there are certain limitations given by Comcast that the user cannot pass. VPNs contributes to bypassing these drawbacks given by internet providers and offers maximum security at the same time. 


Using VPN has many benefits, it can be used with any device where most of the benefits  remain. VPNs are powerful enough to solve most of the problems that users have to face because of governments and digital thieves.

Users are restricted to use some websites or to watch some content from a different region. All these are violations of an individual choice of surfing on the internet, and to protect the privacy and other important aspects of users, a VPN is used. Benefits of using a VPN with Comcast are mentioned below:

Solves The Issue Of Throttling:

Comcast has been playing with users streaming speed for a long time. Users face problems while streaming their favorite shows and movies. Sometimes the quality gets very low and sometimes it gets so worse that it keeps on buffering.

VPN uses high-speed servers from different parts of the world and solves the problem of bandwidth throttling. Users can stream Comcast in HD seamlessly. 

Unblocks Streaming Services And Websites:

There are some website and applications that are blocked by Comcast.This is one thing that is unacceptable by most of the users but they can’t do anything about it because of the reputation and giantness of the company. 

But the restricted content can be easily accessed using a VPN. VPN removes the restriction on websites and streaming sites that Comcast holds.

Removes Geo-Restrictions:

Using a VPN for Comcast removes all kinds of content barriers that occur due to geographical changes. Many production houses or streaming platform restrict some content to a region and that cannot be watched by anyone else in other regions.

VPNs remove Geo-restrictions and allow the users to watch the content seamlessly.

Hides IP From ISP And Other Authorities:

VPNs are able to hide the IP address from the IPS and other authorities so that the user's online activity can stay private. There are many data hackers online that keep an eye on all the internet connections and take all the online information with the help of their IP.

This information is sold to the companies for their illegal activities. This is also the problem with free VPNs. It is important to use one of the best VPNs as they do not just hide your IP but also don’t any of the online activity by the users. This increases the layer of privacy.

Improves Privacy By Hiding Online Activity:

All the online activity from streaming to downloading to surfing is hidden. There is no one, not even the government officials who can watch what a user is doing online.

VPNs are legal and can be used without any risk to stream and surf on the internet. VPNs are not made for any kind of illegal activity and they are just a way to increase privacy in this world that is constantly threatening people.


Take a look at the best VPN for Comcast which I have listed below,

1. ExpressVPN

vpn for comcast


Servers: 3000+


Money-back guarantee: 30 days

No of devices supported : 


Works With:

Netflix, BBC IPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, HBO & More


  • Zero logging policy.
  • Data is encrypted
  • Split tunneling
  • Super-fast servers
  • Ideal for Comcast users.
  • Good Customer Support 
  • Removes geo-restrictions on most of the content.


  • No Free trial.
  • It a bit expensive than other VPNs in the list ​

ExpressVPN is a well-known name when it comes to VPN providers. It is one of the biggest VPN providers serving in more than 90 countries throughout the world.

ExpressVPN is the safest and does not keep any log of users’ data or search history. It does not even store traffic content or IP address of the user’s system.

Servers are fast and HD videos can be downloaded or streamed in no time. It can help users to overcome the throttling issue that comes up when they are using Comcast. It can unblock most of the streaming services and remove Geo-restrictions.

This is a bit expensive than others but their features and performance are value for money that users pay.

2. NordVPN

Servers: 5700+


Money-back guarantee: 30 days

No of devices supported


Works With:

Netflix, BBC IPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime


  • Encrypts all the online traffic and data logs.
  • High-speed networks.
  • No log policy
  • Excellent security and privacy for users.


  • Server is not able to find the best server.

Nord is the name that people use with great performances. They have more than 5700 high-speed servers in almost 58 countries. This large network makes sure that they can always provide their users with a high-speed server.

They have never logged the online activities of their users, this increases a layer into the privacy of the users.

They are strong enough to bypass geo-restrictions as they have servers in all prominent countries that apply geo-restrictions. It can also unblock all-important streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and also Comcast that is the biggest broadcaster in the world.

They encrypt all the activities of users so they cannot be tracked by anyone, this is military-grade encryption and hence cannot be decrypted easily.

3. SurfShark

vpn for comcast


Servers: 1700+


Money-back guarantee: 30 days      

NO of devices supported:  Unlimited


Works With:

Netflix, BBC IPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime


  • Easy installation
  • Unblocks a wide range of streaming services and websites.


  • Not all servers provide high speed.

This VPN service has more than 1k servers in 50+ countries all around the world. This is one of the best VPN for removing geo-restrictions and best known for unblocking Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime.

The performance of the network is also decent and provides seamless experience while allowing users to stream in HD.

This way it can remove the throttling issue and provide a great speed that won’t interrupt the watching experience. There are many constraints used to improve the security of the users and to improve the privacy as well.

This can also block ads and scan for the virus so that the device can stay safe. This solves the two major issues on Comcast i.e., throttling and Geo-restrictions. It is one of the best vpn for comcast. 

4. PureVPN

Servers: 2000+

Countries: 140+

Money-back guarantee: 30 days

No of devices supported


Works With:

Torrenting, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, VLC


  • Dedicated servers for streaming
  • Zero logging policy.
  • Doesn’t leak IP address
  • Unblocks streaming sites and blocked sites.
  • High-speed servers.


  • Slow Download Speed.

This best vpn for comcast is considered the best for Comcast by some of the websites because it has exactly the features that it needs. There are more than 2000 servers in 140+countries, these servers allow the users to stream the content at high speed. Throttling issue is resolved by these high-speed servers, these servers also solve the issue of geo-restrictions.

There are many websites and streaming services that are blocked by Comcast and this VPN is powerful enough to unblock them all. This Hong Kong based VPN service is one of the most affordable in the market with great features.

This VPN also comes with a 31-day money-back guarantee if the users do not like their services. This allows the users to test it to its maximum capabilities and then decide if they want to continue with it or switch to another VPN.

They also follow the No logs policy that adds up to the security and privacy constraints of the users. One more benefit is that users can remove the risk of DNS leak as this VPN comes with a Kill Switch that can disconnect it from the server instantly when the connection drops.


How To Setup & Use a VPN with Comcast Xfinity

vpn for comcast

It is very to set up a VPN with Comcast Xfinity. Even the users who are non technically sound can set it up by following the step by step guide.

  • Choose one of the best VPN for Comcast from the above list. There are features, pros and cons so that you can decide which suits your requirements the best.
  • Download and open the application.
  • Sign up and create an account.
  • Install the application on all the device where you want to run Comcast on.
  • Run the application and sign in to the account. 
  • Change the setting as per your preference.
  • Choose a server in the US or any other country that you prefer and connect to it.
  • Open Comcast and use all the services without any restrictions or limitations.

Just watch the movies or shows without any throttling or blocking issues. 


vpn for comcast

1. Does Comcast Xfinity Throttle Internet Activities?

Comcast have been accused of throttling many times. The first time it came into light in the year 2006, it was revealed that they used hardware in their network named Sandvine. They have been doing it again and because there were no solid proofs they always got away with it.

This has affected the streaming quality and speed in many ways. This is one of the major reasons why people want to use a VPN with Comcast. This streaming service plays with the bandwidth and that is why users need to overcome that by using a VPN.

2. Is a Free VPN a Good Option for Use With Comcast Xfinity?

It is recommended to avoid free VPN for Compact Xfinity. The reason behind this is the limitation of services in a number of ways that can ruin the overall experience of using Comcast.

With free VPNs, there are few drawbacks that occur such as limitation of bandwidth, imposing data caps, a long wait in the queue before getting added, and many more. A free VPN tends to a drastic slowing down of connection and hinders the main aim of using a VPN in the first place. 

There are few VPNs that perform malpractices to pay the bills. They also sell data to third party advertisers. This results in unnecessary appearances of advertisements in web browsers. 

3. Is Comcast Blocking Websites and Streaming Services?

In 2014, Comcast allegedly abused its power to block websites and streaming services. It was also said that Comcast got involved in paid peering with Netflix.

It seemed to block some ISPs for no particular reason. This resulted in low bandwidth support and other additional hardware-related problems too. 


This is the part of the article where you have reached after knowing all about using a VPN with Comcast. It is now clear that there is no better way to use Comcast than with a VPN, it unblocks all the streaming restrictions and also resolves the throttling issue.

I hope that you might have selected one of the best vpn for comcast that were listed in the article. It is important to analyze your needs, budget, and then look at all the features provided by the VPN and then decide. Rushing is never a good option.

It’s better to take time and choose the best than choose instantly and regretting forever. Understanding the VPN services, their plans, and the condition of your base internet connection will give you an idea about the ideal VPN.

VPNs save you from ISP, online attackers, and digital information thieves. There is no harm in using a VPN and it is properly legal.

Streaming with VPN is also legal and it is actually recommended to stream with a VPN so that you stay safe and no one else can know what you are watching.


Tony is a web security expert with 12+ years of experience in the industry. He has worked as a network engineer in one of the top MNCs. He blogs at and shares a lot of useful info on VPN and cybersecurity.

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