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In this buying guide, You will learn about the importance of VPN for Amazon Prime and I have listed the best VPN for your Amazon Prime. I will also help in choosing the best one among them and have given the VPN Amazon Prime setup guides in steps.

This is unbiased article and all the VPNs listed here are personally used and tested by me. The VPNs listed are all reliable and works well with firestick. 


Most of you guys will be familiar with Amazon Prime Video. It's a media streaming service that has top-rated tv-shows, web series, and movies.

With the membership of Amazon prime, you are also entitled to many other benefits like ad-free music and unlimited fast delivery of your favorite products. The combination of the benefits which Amazon offers with its services is the prime reason behind its success.

But Amazon only offers its viewers the content of their own region which means that if you're in India then you can enjoy the libraries available for India but you could never watch anything from the U.S. library.

Also if you are traveling to any other country then you will lose access to the content of your own country which is heartbreaking sometimes.


So if you're a sufferer of the same problem then don't worry as you can access the regional content of other countries by simply using a VPN. A VPN hides your actual IP address and gives you a fake IP address of the location which you want.

You can convince the amazon server that you are from another country by showing an IP address of the location you desire and thus you can have access to all content of amazon.

In today's article, I will discuss everything about VPNs and Amazon Prime and I can assure you that after reading this article you will be able to access any library you desire. So let's begin.


Amazon Prime restricts its users to access the content of other countries due to copyright regulations. But there is no logic in staying deprived of famous movies and web-shows just because of your location. But by using a VPN, you can access the content of any country you want.

A VPN changes your actual IP address and converts it into any location of which the content you want to access which gives you complete freedom to watch the content you wish irrespective of the country in which you live. Also, a VPN encrypts your data traffic from your computer to amazon server that's why no hacker can break into your system if you're using a VPN.

And at last, a VPN also keeps your watching history confidential so your ISP will not be able to see what movies you're watching. So a VPN gives you freedom on the one hand and keeps you anonymous and secure on the other hand.


1. Data Security

Generally when you visit websites without a VPN then there are chances of hacking because your data is unprotected and unencrypted but on the other hand, if you use a VPN then a VPN encrypts your data end-to-end which keeps your data safe from hackers.

VPN also hides your IP address which makes it impossible to track you by anyone on the internet. 

2.Access to the Geo-restricted content

A VPN helps you to access the geo-restricted content of your choice without any restrictions. It happens because the VPN service provider offers servers in every location of the world, therefore, you can switch your location to any country you want and can watch the content available in that country.

3.High speed

A good VPN gives you high speed to stream movies because it has a large number of servers for its users. It keeps your speed stable for a long time which means that you can watch your movie without any buffering which makes a VPN more attractive.

4.Low Cost

Most of the VPNs have a very low cost which makes it accessible for most people. Also, there is no need for any other equipment for using the VPN which makes VPN a prime option to access your favorite content.

These are the benefits offered by VPN which compelled many users to purchase and use them. If you're also willing to do so then you can select a VPN from my list of best VPNs.


vpn for amazon prime

If you're willing to purchase a VPN for your device but not sure about which one you should buy then you should read this column very carefully, I have listed the 3 best VPNs for streaming Amazon Prime Video

But before that, I want to tell you that the server of Amazon Prime Video can block the server of many VPNs including mostly all free VPNs and a few paid VPNs too. So I highly recommend you to purchase only that VPN which is recommended to be used with Amazon Prime Video.

Otherwise, even after paying a considerable amount of money, you will not get the expected results. Other than this I also want to recommend you to only use a paid VPN and not go for free ones because free VPNs store your personal information and sell it to the third parties which can be misused.

So I will strongly recommend you to use only VPNs which are listed below.

1. ExpressVPN

vpn for amazon prime


Servers: 3000+


Money-back guarantee: 30 days

No of devices supported: 


Works With:

Netflix, BBC IPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, HBO & More


  • Zero logging policy.
  • Split tunneling.
  • Instant setup and easy to use
  • Huge number of server locations
  • Govt. grade encryption


  • Expensive than others.

ExpressVPN provides lightning-fast speed for streaming online videos and it is the best option for Amazon Prime Video users. It has more than 3000 servers in almost every major location of the world so it's perfect for geo-unblocking and fast speed internet.

The strongest encryption technology of the ExpressVPN is a perfect thing to keep you away from the hackers. The company also follows a strict no-log policy which means that the company doesn't store any information about you and you will stay completely Anonymous if you use this VPN.

This VPN can work on 5 devices simultaneously after buying a single subscription, therefore, you can secure your 5 devices if you buy a single subscription. The 24×7 customer support of the company will always be there to help you when you face any problem regarding VPN.

This VPN is costlier than other VPNs but if you can afford it then we will recommend you to buy this because no VPN can beat this one  in terms of speed and Geo-unblocking.

2. NordVPN

Servers: 5800+


Money-back guarantee: 30 days

No of devices supported


Works With:

Netflix, BBC IPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime


  • Top notch privacy and security features.
  • Split tunneling
  • Lighting speed connection
  • Cryptocurrencies and cash accepted as payment


  • Server connection might vary sometimes.

If ExpressVPN doesn't lie in your budget and you're looking for something cheaper, then you can go for this one. NordVPN has a worldwide reputation for maintaining speed, security and privacy of their users.

It has more than 5800 servers across the globe giving you the freedom to access the content of any country or region. This VPN provides military-grade encryption technology to keep its users safe and secure.

It also follows no-log policy just like the previous one which means that your data will be safe and anonymous with this VPN. It has many advanced features like double VPN which makes it the best VPN for many users.

It can be used on a maximum of 6 devices after buying one account which is enough for all devices of your family. It also comes with 24×7 customer support to solve your problem instantly.

3. Surfshark

vpn for amazon prime


Servers:  1040+


Money-back guarantee: 30 days

No of devices supported


Works With:

Netflix, BBC IPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime


  • Easily unblocks streaming content
  • Highly secure
  • No log policy
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Medium sized network

Surfshark is a new VPN service provider in the market but its features compelled me to list it in the best VPNs. It is cheaper than the other two VPNs but doesn't compromise its quality. It has more than 1040 servers in 60 different locations of the world.

It has highly secure encryption technology and a strict no-log policy to keep your data safe and anonymous. The best feature of this VPN is that you can use it in unlimited devices so after buying one account you can secure as many devices as you want to do which makes it more reasonable than the others.

This VPN also has a highly efficient 24×7 customer support which will solve your problem in minutes.


  • Select a VPN for your device from the best 3 I have mentioned above and install it into your device.
  • After installation run the VPN and search for the server to which you want to connect. Select the server according to the content you want to watch.
For example, if you want to watch a web-series from the U.S. library then connect to the U.S. server.
  • Click on the Connect button.
  • After establishing a connection, open Amazon Prime Video and search for the video you want to watch and enjoy it.

It was an easy guide to use VPN for Amazon Prime Video. But if you have followed all the above steps and still not able to watch the video that you want then you can read the paragraph below otherwise you can skip it.

Troubleshooting for Amazon Prime Video

vpn for amazon prime

If you are facing problems in watching the videos on Amazon Prime Video after using VPN then you follow the following steps to get rid of it.

1. Preliminary Checks

a) Check your internet connection first. You can do it by disconnecting from the VPN and connecting to the site. If the site is still not opening then the problem lies in your internet connection.

b) Disable the antivirus or firewall if it's enabled

c) Change your server to a different location and if it works then the problem was with the server you were trying to connect.

d) Ensure that you're not connected to any other VPN.

2. Update Your VPN app

Maybe your VPN is not up to date so try to update your VPN app.To do this log into your VPN account and select the device on which you are using the VPN and download it's the latest version and run it. If it works then it's great otherwise follow the next step.

3. Change Your VPN Protocol

Many VPNs have a default UDP protocol which is blocked by many countries. So change from UDP protocol to TCP protocol.

For doing it first disconnect from your VPN and open VPN settings window and under the protocol tab, change the protocol to your preference.

4. Restart Your Connection

Sometimes, a problem arises in the RAM of your device which stops the system to work in a desired manner. In this case, you can reboot your machine and try to connect to VPN again and see if it helps.

5. Incorrect Time and Date

Check if your computer's time and date are correct or not and if they are incorrect then you can correct them by going to the settings.

After changing your computer's Time and Date restart your VPN and if it doesn't work again then reinstall the VPN.

6.No IP or host found

If you get this error where the requested name is valid but doesn't have a valid IP address or the Host not found then, first of all, ensure that you're connected to the Internet and activate your DSL connection if it is compulsory. You can refer to DSL instructions before connecting to a VPN. After this try again to connect to the VPN.

7. Change Your VPN

If after trying all of these measures you're still not able to use your VPN with Amazon Prime then you should shift to a different VPN. I have suggested you the best 3 VPN for Amazon Prime which you can use for this purpose.

So it was a complete guide to troubleshoot your VPN if it's not working with Amazon Prime. I hope that this will help you in solving your issues. If you have any other way to solve this then you can comment it down to help other people.

vpn for amazon prime


1. Is Amazon Prime legal?

Yes, Amazon Prime is a completely legal media streaming company. There is no illegal side for this and you can watch Amazon Prime content without any hesitation as soon as you pay for it.

But if you try to watch the Amazon Prime content by plagiarism, without paying for it, and if cyber-police find this then you may have to face legal charges and huge penalties.

2. Is a free VPN for Amazon Prime a way-out?

No, actually it isn't because a free VPN has many shortcomings. First of all Amazon Prime can detect most servers of the free VPNs and can ban them so there might be chances that it will not provide you with the content for which you downloaded it.

Moreover, a free VPN has a low Internet speed which makes it useless for streaming Online Videos. And if this is not enough for you then I would like to tell you that a free VPN also stores your personal data and sells it to third parties who can use your data for unfair purposes.

So a free VPN takes more than what it gives and I strongly recommend you to avoid using it. Instead of this, you can use a paid VPN for Amazon Prime.

3. Which Devices Support Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon prime video is available on almost every small and big screen whether it's an android smartphone or an Apple TV. Moreover, it's also available on gaming consoles and Blu-ray players. So no matter which device you have In your house, you can watch Amazon Prime Video on it if it supports Prime Video's app or software.

4. Will a VPN slow down my streaming speeds?

Well, when you use a VPN then every single byte of data is routed through the server of the VPN and the speed your video completely depends on the number of servers the VPN has.

So if your VPN service provider has a lot of servers then you will not experience slow streaming speed but if it doesn't have a lot of servers then it's pretty sure that you will have to face video buffering while using it. 

Also, a VPN has to encrypt data on both ends( your computer and Amazon server)

So it is obvious that it could not provide you the same streaming speed which you will experience without VPN but if you're using a paid VPN then the slow down in speed will be minimum and will not create any problem.


Amazon Prime Video is rising as a major streaming service all over the world. The content offered by it gives a perfect competition to Netflix which is a very big media streaming service. And after using a VPN, you become free to watch any content which you desire irrespective of your geographical identity.

So it was all about the VPN and its use for Amazon Prime Video. If you liked the article then share this article with all of your friends who have a subscription of Amazon Prime Video.

If you like to read technical articles just like this one then you can allow me to send you notifications so that whenever I post an article you will get notification of it. That's all for today.

I will meet you next time with some other interesting and knowledgeable article.


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