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In this buying guide, You will learn about Surfshark VPN. This article consist of a detailed review about Surfshark VPN along with its pros and cons. ​

This is an unbiased article and this Surfshark VPN was personally used and tested by me.


Are you hearing a lot about VPNs nowadays? Are your friends who are using a VPN telling you the benefits of it? Are you not sure which one to choose? I know the confusion that a person has to face when they are introduced and then attracted to the services of VPNs. 

VPNs are becoming important in this time where the internet is becoming a scary place. Your data is traded to various websites by data thieves. They also track out internet activity.


There is some government agencies who can track your online activity. All this puts everyone’s privacy at a risk on the internet. There are no strong rules for it, and hence, the users themselves have to take their security in their hands.

VPNs are important to keep your identity and activity safe. There are also many problems like Geo-restrictions on content and website and throttling, malicious attacks on devices, etc. and with a VPN, you can avoid and solve these problems.

The performance becomes seamless and there are no limitations on how they should use it. Using a VPN is also perfectly legal in most parts of the world. This is a review of one of the latest but also one of the best VPN companies, Surfshark.

Surfshark VPN REVIEW

Surfshark VPN Review


Servers: 1700+


Money-back guarantee: 30 days

Supported Device:


Works With:

Netflix, BBC IPlayer, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime


  • Strict no logs policy.
  • Highly secure
  • unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • Broad device compatibility
  • Automatic Kill Switch.
  • DNS & IP leak protection.


  • Allows P2P from all servers.
  • Medium-sized network of servers.

Surfshark VPN might be the one that has been released most recently, but it has earned a place in all the prominent VPNs list.

After its release in the year 2018, Surfshark has been used by many people and there are very few complaints about them. This article will show and explain all the pros and cons of using the Surfshark VPN. Also you can grab Surfshark VPN deals here.

No VPN service is perfect and the way Surfshark is improving, they will soon be in the top 3 VPNs in the world. The prices are affordable and also they offer great Surfshark VPN deals in the Black Friday sale.

Read this Surfshark VPN Review article to know if Surfshark is the VPN that you were looking for so long. The people who are already using another VPN will also get to know if their VPN is better or they need to change it.



SurfShark VPN is definitely the most secure VPN in the VPN industry. There are plenty of security features offered by this VPN using which the users can explore smooth browsing facilities without getting involved in advertisements or unnecessary pop-ups.

Protocols and Encryption

The dedicated desktop application of SurfShark consists of two VPN protocols. First one is OpenVPN, which is one of the safest protocols present in the VPN industry. It is widely used by VPN providers.

The second one is the IKEv2 protocol. It offers optimum smartphone compatibility. But it has some issues regarding safety. There is evidence that shows NSA ruining the security wall of this protocol.

As far as encryption is considered, Surfshark VPN makes active use of AES-256-CBC/AES-256-GCM cryptography standards. This is a high standard of encryption and extremely proficient at work. Even the most advanced hackers are unable to decrypt the encrypted code.

Multihop Feature

The multihop feature basically establishes a chain of VPNs and takes IP masking to a whole new level.

For example, one can connect to SurfShark’s server at one place in one part of the world and simultaneously connect to any other part. In this way, the user can virtually appear in two different locations easily.

VPN CleanWeb Feature

This is a built-in feature of the Surfshark VPN. It helps in blocking ads, trackers, and malware. It actively blocks every annoying advertisement that pops up in the browser. It also prevents unnecessary usage of internet data.

Camouflage Mode

Camouflage mode allows the user to mask the internet traffic along with the prevention of ISP. It also prevents any other user from spying.

Though this feature has been described as a mode in SurfShark VPN, there is no option of turning it on or off available inside the application.

IP Masking

IP Masking is a common and popular feature of SurfShark VPN. It can make the original IP address masked with another IP address.

With these features users can alter both identities as well as geographical locations. IP masking facility is one of the main reasons why so many users tend to incline towards SurfShark VPN.


Hacklock is another security feature of SurfShark that has the ability to scan the web in order to prevent possible damages. It also alerts the users in case of leakage of email.

This feature lets the system to send real-time alerts whenever the password or emails are being tampered by an unknown source. It is not available in basic plan but one can purchase it as an add-on for $0.99/month.


Blind search is a feature of Surfshark that helps in searching the web privately and efficiently without the involvement of ads or logs. This helps in providing users with unbiased and organic search results.

BlindSearch gives the feel of browsing incognito mode without the interference of advertisements that may manipulate the user's buying pattern.


Surfshark VPN review

Great Prices

In the list of the best affordable VPNs, Surfshark VPN is undoubtedly in the top three. All the price value for the service offered. There are different plans according to the users' requirements, and the prices are low compared to other best VPNs. As I said mentioned before, you will get the ultimate Surfshark VPN deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

The one month plan is quite similar to all others and is not the best deal, it comes at $11.95. The cheapest plan comes at $1.99 per month, the plan is for 24-months or two years.

This means an 83% Surfshark VPN deals for the users. Then looking at the second-best option that comes with a 50 percent discount, 12 months or 1-year plan that comes at $5.99 per month.

Users also get one-month free trial in which they can decide if they want to keep using this service or not. All the services are available in the free trial version as well. The users can also change their mind and go for a better plan unless and until they have opted for a 24-months plan. Get your best Surfshark VPN deals by clicking the button given below.

Good Speed

The speed of this VPN provider is good. This VPN has more than 1700 servers in important regions of the world and they are high-speed servers. If the users select the nearest server they will get great speed.

Even while connecting to the US server the speed is not too bad and it allow the users, to use Netflix and other streaming platforms in HD quality.

The VPN was found to be decent in the speed test. There was a drastic change in the upload speed when the users tried to connect to a server that was far from them.

Otherwise, there are no major issues with the speed and surfshark can be termed as a VPN that provides great speed for daily usage to the users.

Pays Attention To Privacy And Safety Of Users

Privacy is one of the basic reasons why everyone who uses the internet need a VPN. It can hide your online activity from not just hackers and other agencies but also from the ISP. So in the Surfshark VPN review, you must look for the features which ensures your privacy.

Surfshark is one of the best VPNs in terms of security and privacy for data and internet activity. The measures used by them are mentioned and described briefly below.

No Logs Policy

Surfshark ensures its users in their privacy policy clearly that they do not keep any logs. This means that they do not keep an account of what you access after turning on their VPN.

There are Free VPNs present that keeps your online surfing activities and sell them to enterprises who pay a good price for that data.

So, the no-log policy will ensure that there is no way that your data goes out to anyone without your permission.


All the data transmitted through Surfshark VPN is encrypted to increase security. There are third-parties and govt agencies who might try to track down the transmitting data from the server.

So to provide high security this VPN encrypts all the data that their users transmit through their tunnel so that it can’t be stolen or damaged by anyone.

DNS Kill Switch

When the user's request to any website is routed through the ISP and in that case, the original IP is revealed to the websites.

In these cases, to prevent the users from IP leakage there is a DNS Kill Switch that terminates the VPN connection and saves them from leakage of their IP to the website.

IP Masking

This is the basic reason why all people want to use a VPN. The IP address is the only thing that makes it possible for the hackers and data thieves to know the information of the device and the activity being done on it.

There are agencies that continuously keep an eye so that they can log and sell users’ data to companies for their benefits. Surfshark helps in preventing this.

This is a big threat to online privacy. Surfshark masks the original IP address of the users with the IP address of the server. The replaced IP server will also changing constantly, so that there are no ways to track down the original IP of the users. 

Your IP is exposed to all the networks you connect to. The public Wi-Fi, office networks, hotel networks and WiFi connections that are not your own.

All admins of these networks get information more than you can think of. It is better to use a VPN like Surfshark and keep yourself safe while using any public VPN. So after reading the pros of the Surfshark VPN review, if you are want to try it, click the below given link.

Perfectly Compatible With Netflix

Surfshark VPN Review

Next lets see how it is compatible with Netflix in Surfshark VPN Review. Streaming giant Netflix and Amazon Prime have employed people and developers to identify VPN servers. This means now they can block people who try to login with a VPN or don’t allow them access until they are connected to the VPN.

Because of the reason most of the VPN companies can not actually boast about their compatibility with Netflix.

Surfshark on the other hand consists of servers that are perfectly compatible with Netflix as they pass through the detection system smoothly. The users can access Netflix and many other streaming services without any issues in speed and access.

Decent Customer Support Through Live Chat

Surfshark provides live chat customer support features on their official website. The response time is fast and they try to fix the problem in the best way they can. This allows their customers to contact them in case of even a very small problem. 

Their live chat customer support is decent and solves most of the problems of the users as soon as possible. They understand the urgency of the issue and manage big problems too from their end.

This is something that even after being new in the market they are managing so well. They are also improving their overall customer support system.

Availability For Various Platforms

Surfshark is available for almost all platforms. This makes it easy for users to use this VPN to any platform. They don’t have to stick to a set of the device to use the features of this VPN. Be it android, iOS or Windows, this can be used with every operating system.

They have separate applications made for all the platforms that allow the users to use different features of this VPN. There are some things that are different on various platforms, but basic features and layout remain the same.

The developers have paid proper attention to make the user interface as friendly for the users as possible. The template of the applications is also fresh and looks cool to the eyes.

Servers In Prominent Regions In The World

This is one of the newest VPNs in the world and still, in such a short time it has managed to reach in almost all the important parts of the world.

The number of servers might look less when compared to other VPN providers, but the services are still great. Almost all the servers offer a high-speed seamless experience to the users.

They also try to fix problems with the servers as soon as they get to know about it. There are high-quality servers in the US and UK that can be used to unblock the content on various streaming platforms.

This is something that has made it one of the best choices for people around the globe. They are continuously increasing the locations in which they have their server and along with this the total number of servers is increasing as well.

Removes Geo-restrictions

This is one of the most important things to look for when users choose a VPN company. I have already mentioned that Surfshark works well with Netflix and can bypass the system that it has appointed to block the VPN users.

Now, there is something more that users want to do when they get access to these streaming platforms with the help of a VPN.

Surfshark is capable of removing the Geo-restrictions from all the countries in the world as they have servers all around. 

The users can easily access Geo-restricted content by using a server of the region where the content is available.They need to select a server situated in the US to remove Geo-restrictions from the content available there.

This can make the restricted content available on all the streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. The users need to just restart these applications after they connect to a server in another location to access the geo-restricted content.


I have also included some extra features in the Surfshark VPN review, check it out.


Whitelisting is a split tunneling feature offered by SurfShark VPN. With its help, customers can exclude specific apps or websites from connecting via a VPN.

It helps in providing security to sensitive applications or websites while excluding other apps that can be used in streaming and general browsing. 

This feature can also be used in a reversed manner. With this feature, users can include applications or websites that they want to protect with the VPN.

No Border Mode

It is a popular SurfShark feature that allows users to by-pass geographical locations and unblock websites easily. It does not require any extra effort. But, some sites require testing of different servers to get everything functioning.

Server Obfuscation

This is like a camouflage mode. Some sites block traffic from users who use a VPN. Users can choose this option if they want to access these websites. What this does is, it makes the traffic look like normal traffic.

The websites will not distinguish between a VPN and a normal user when this option is turned on. Surfshark gives its users access to this application and allows them to access almost all these anti-VPN sites.


You must always check out the two sides of the same coin. Yes, I am talking about the cons in the Surfshark VPN review now.

Weak Social Media Presence

Many VPN Service Providers have a great reach on various social media platforms. But SurfShark VPN works in a reverse manner. The twitter account of this VPN service hardly shows any significant activity.

The same thing happens with its Facebook page. This is the reason why despite having so many advantageous features, this VPN service is followed by many fewer people.

Also, new users do not get updates through social media handles due to which only a few people get to know about the advanced features without using it.

Even after being at the top in much less time, there are people who ask questions about their low social media presence, it is something that affects their online reputation.

Allows P2P From All Servers 

Even though Surfshark VPN allow their users to access torrent and stream the websites and applications that stream through torrenting and P2P servers, Surfshark is on the bottom side of the table.

The speed is comparatively very low when it comes to torrenting and torrent downloading. They still have to improve their services in terms of this.  Users can use the whitelisting feature to bypass this problem and get amazing download and streaming speed while torrenting.

But when compared to the features offered by this VPN at this price range, the cons does not matter so much. Also, this VPN frequently offers so many deals for their users. You can check out the Surfshark deals by clicking the below given buttons.


This is all about Surfshark VPN Review. Concluding, I can say that Surfshark VPN is one of the best VPN providers available. The price plans are amazing, and 24-month and 12-month plans offer a great deal. All the things are great, and even after being new in the market, they have just a few things that count as their cons.

They have great speed, and they have the proper focus on maintaining the privacy and the data security of the users. All the benefits mentioned above make it a great choice. There are some extra features too that allow users to access all those websites that are still not accessible by other VPNs.

The live chat support is excellent, but the email support needs to be improved, and the Kill switch also needs some improvement. All other features present in this VPN make it a great choice.

They also allow torrenting and streaming of Geo-restricted content. In my opinion, Surfshark VPN perfectly fit for daily and some advanced usage by the users.

I hope that you find this Surfshark VPN review interesting. So tell me what do you think about Surfshark VPN? Share your views on the comment section. Happy Surfing.!!


Tony is a web security expert with 12+ years of experience in the industry. He has worked as a network engineer in one of the top MNCs. He blogs at and shares a lot of useful info on VPN and cybersecurity.

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