Refund Policy

Spacecraft has a Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked, if you are not 100% satisfied with our speed, and security.

For all paid VPN plans

The spacecraft guarantee lasts for 15 days. For example, if you purchase a policy on March 1 at 6 am, you can contact our support team anytime before 6 am on March 15 to claim a full refund. Your payment method will be credited with the entire order amount ASAP.

Advantage of a guarantee over a “Free trial.”

Usually “free trial” feature offers a demo version of the product with few limited functionalities for only one device.

The Spacecraft VPN guarantee is 200% risk-free and lets you use the full-featured version of Spacecraft VPN with unlimited bandwidth, 10+ secure VPN server locations, and 24/7 customer support.


It is advised to have the purchase id number or reference number in your hand so that our Support team can quickly find your account.

How to reach us?

There are two ways you can reach us quickly.

  1. Directly via Live chat on our site (click on the “Chat with us” button in the right bottom corner of our page).
  2. Email us at or by raising a ticket on our site (click “submit a request” from our Help page).

Important Note: If you have purchased via other platforms and not from our website, then you’ll need to contact that respective site to get a refund. We do not have control over the payment systems like “Apple app store, iTunes, External website’s, PayPal.”