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Best vpn for gaming

NordVPN has stayed in our list of being the most active VPN of all time. Because of it’s bang for buck ratio, this amazing VPN helps you to have proper connection and safe browsing, anywhere on the internet.

Hands down, you are not going to get a good VPN such as NordVPN and with the flashing Black Friday sale, it is going to have an amazing offer attached to the same. 



NordVPN Black Friday

NordVPN Black Fridays are celebration days for all tech enthusiasts globally. We all know the importance of virtual private networks (VPN) and how it can be used to access data from any part of the world.

This black Friday, enjoy the ultimate savings and advantage of VPN through NordVPN black Friday sale offers and deals.

Enjoy never seen before savings on annual plans, along with discounts and great VPN packages that full-fills all your internet service requirements. Watch out for this space to learn more about NordVPN, its pricings, and powerful features.

NordVPN Pricing Plan

NordVPN Black Friday
NordVPN Black Friday
NordVPN Black Friday
NordVPN Black Friday

Steps To Get NordVPN Black Friday Offer

Availing NordVPN black Friday offer is extremely simple and no rocket science. You can get your hands-on on the lightening deal of 51% on the yearly plan of NordVPN simply by registering. Follow these steps and grab the best offers in the period,

  • Login in your NordVPN account.
  • If you do not have one create an account and verify the details.
  • Next navigate to the pricing and offers tab on the website.
  • Select your desired plan from the given set of plans.
  • Fill in the appropriate details.
  • Head to the payments page and complete the billings.

After you are done with the plan payment, you can fill the confidential details and start to use the features of NordVPN on your device.

The best part about NordVPN is that you can use it on any device, whether a desktop, laptop, or a mobile device, and tablets. It works efficiently on Android as well as mac and iOS software.

Why NordVPN is Best? 

Positively, NordVPN provides a touch of extra privacy and it has boosted the number of servers. It's an encryption powerhouse and has a characteristic that allows torrenting.

With NordVPN you get the opportunity to enjoy fast and stable connection from anywhere. If buffering is the major problem you face, then NordVPN must be your ideal choice.

As mentioned earlier this VPN is best for gaming since its provides good speed. Also, it has more than 5300 servers in more than 59 countries, so you can always find a server near your location.

NordVPN imposes no fact caps and allows limitless server switching and torrenting. I had no issues using it to get admission to Netflix. Unlike a few competitors, you can run six devices simultaneously on a partnered subscription.

Is NordVPN good for torrenting?

NordVPN Black Friday

Most VPNs allow P2P sharing and torrenting. NordVPN is one of them that allows both.

Many VPNs have a declared statement in support of filesharing, however only a few gave servers dedicated and designed to help support P2P traffic. 

NordVPN fills the niche of the market, in that sense even if it is not the only service that allows for torrenting.

Overall NordVPN is well-suited for torrenting, and other forms of P2P file sharing based on the servers, speed, server options, and logging and privacy policies.

Can NordVPN Unblock Netflix?

NordVPN has access to six Netflix servers: Netflix US, UK, Japan, Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands. Users with both Android and iOS devices can enjoy Netflix on any of the above-mentioned servers. 

NordVPN unblocks Netflix regardless of the country you are connected to, and even if you are not using one of the servers, NordVPN uses DNS proxy to return to the US version of Netflix. 

NordVPN Black Friday

For instance, if you try to watch Netflix while connected to an Italian server you are likely to get redirected to the US Netflix library. The rest of your traffic will appear to be from your chosen location.

Is NordVPN good for gaming?

NordVPN lets you be the first to access any new game that might have got delayed at your location or country.

No matter where you are, with NordVPN access the benefits of gaming with high speed.

With gaming servers in 59 countries across the globe, all you need to do is pick an appropriate location with the earlier release date.

NordVPN Black Friday

NordVPN covers all major platforms including Windows, Linux, macOS, iPhone, Android, and also android TVs with PC games. You can set up a NordVPN on your router to protect your consoles, simply by changing IP address and play without borders.

Features of NordVPN

NordVPN Black Friday

Servers & their locations

The servers and locations provided by NordVPN are over 5300+ in more than 59 countries, and the ability to enjoy the internet from any part of the globe makes NordVPN more reliable. 

With the help of smart recommendation, you can also find your best fit server, as per your present network location automatically. 


When looking for a VPN service, apart from protection what you also need is ultra-high speed.

With NordVPN you can make a choice of not compromising on speed while enjoying other features. All you need to do is just flip a switch and enjoy being protected with high speed.

Streaming & P2P

Stream content in entertainment with speed and protection from around the world, and enjoy P2P sharing.

With the service of NordVPN, you can connect to a remote VPN server by replacing your existing IP address.

This IP swap hides your location and helps you stay private while you share files.


Data privacy is most important when it comes to dealing with any internet service.

Hackers with their advanced techniques can steal your system's private data and compromise your privacy.

With NordVPN, stay invisible and protect your data at all times without any worries.

Protocols & Encryption

With the AES-256 mathematical encryption, and a combination of either IKEv2/IPsec or OpenVPN protocols protect your data from threats and malware.

Encrypt the internet traffic and route it through NordVPN, so you do not reveal your IP address and shield your data with updated protocols and encryption techniques.

Live Chat Support

The help section is available at all times if in case you have any queries or doubts. It offers 24/7 live chat, Email support and FAQs section

An extra effort made by NordVPN is that it posts tutorials and updates help center information on its official webiste and this makes an exemplary difference against all other VPN brands.

No Logs Policy

NordVPN with its double network address translation system ensures that no data or identifiable information will be stored on any of the NordLynx servers.

Therefore, your privacy stays intact and logs are eradicated.

Kill Switch

All the security features, expected from a VPN are full-filled by NordVPN.

A kill switch is available to protect your IP address from being exposed if in case the VPN connection drops.

With leak tests over DNS protect your system data from being hacked. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does NordVPN provide money-back guarantee?

If a customer does not feel satisfied with NordVPN services, you can get a refund using the 30-day money-back policy. This is available on all the plans.

Is NordVPN safe to use?

With NordVPN your data protection is paramount to it. With the encryption policies and protocols, and along with data protection by DNS, various servers, kill switch, split tunneling, and no logs you can be sure that your data is not tracked or kept by anyone.

Why a VPN is needed?

A VPN protects your data from getting hacked. A VPN is essential for hiding your exact IP address so that you can access restricted servers with being tracked or watched. Hence a VPN shall protect your system from any threats and data leaks.

Will NordVPN sell my log?

NordVPN never tracks or log the personal data of any customer, its kill switch feature and NAT system does not support tracking the data of any user. 

Is waiting for NordVPN Black Friday sale worth?

The drop in the prices and deals in the NordVPN Black Friday sale is a steal. You can buy any of their VPN services for affordable costs than the usual prices. During the Black Friday sale, you save more and get more. Therefore, such sales are worth the wait and time.


NordVPN Black Friday sale is one of the online sales if you are willing to get a VPN service for yourself. The price of NordVPN plans is lower than usual rates during black Friday so, you can choose the best plan as per your needs.

Experience the difference yourself with NordVPN, the all in one VPN service you need for securing your systems and experiencing the best.

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